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1. You can post ads for as many of your characters as you like as long as you don't post the same ad twice within a month.
2. There is a form which must be filled in which has information which people looking for your character will find useful. Ads which don't follow this will be deleted.
3. The aim is to try and keep the community as open to everyone as possible, so there are no restrictions regarding LGBTQ characters, straight characters, etc.
4. You may post ads for characters that are canon, or original. Characters which are fandomless but can switch between universes are accepted.
5. Problems sometimes arise between rpers and I will /not/ delete an ad because there have been issues, but I will delete negative comments posted against a person. This community is not the place to sort out grievances you may have, or to cyber-bully. It shouldn't have to be said that rpers shouldn't bash others if they portray a character in a way which they don't like and I've seen this happen. Refrain from doing that.
6. Ads for 'mature' themes are accepted, as long as it doesn't involve incest or sexualisation of children.
7. To make things easier to navigate, please include tags in your post, e;g, fandom, mature/general, romance, action, etc.
8. This community is not for advertising rp groups and forums. There are plenty of sites, live journal communities, etc, which do this.
9. Have fun! (It goes without saying that this is the most important rule of all.)


Name of character:
Brief Bio: Please include a short bio of your character of about 100 - 500 words.
RP Style: descriptive, semi-descriptive, serious or parody. Single universe/verse, muti-universe/verse
Solo: Include a solo of about 100 - 500 words so that rpers can get a sense of your style.
Preferred ships: You can leave this blank if you aren't a ship rper.
Ship style: Are you a multi-shipper, single-shipper, self ship or don't do ships at all?
Genre: Type of sls you're looking for. You can choose more than one! Romance, action, mature, general, etc.
Link to twitter profile, tumblr site, Dreamwidth.

Ads with a picture are more interesting than those which lack them.

The fandoms that are listed in interests are only suggestions and are based on the admin's interests, so if it's not listed, don't despair!

You can include characters you are looking to write a story line with. It doesn't have to be a romance or a ship.

Note: Single verse is sometimes used to denote a single ship and multiverse is sometimes used to denote a multi-ship account, but it's not always clear if it means that the rper writes in one 'verse' or more than one 'verse', or if it relates to ships, which is why here the definition is more precise.


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